One night Ruby was helping me clean out the “high” cabinets in my rather large kitchen and we kept pulling out vase. after vase, after vase.  I couldn’t believe when we counted and there were over 30 vases sitting on my kitchen table that I rarely or never used.  Needless to say, we sorted through them and picked my five favorites, with all the rest being donated.  After  Ruby left, I opened another cabinet we hadn’t gotten to and guess what I found…more vases…but let’s keep that our little hoarding secret.

-Ann C. from Sacramento


My bedroom had become the dump room.  Any time someone was coming over, I’d gather all the clutter from the other rooms and sit in “temporarily” in my room until I could go through it.  Temporary because permanent and I was always stepping over stuff to get to the closet or attached bathroom.  Because of this the shame I felt, no one was allowed in my room.  My sister was up recently and I showed her my “clean” room and so surprised since she’d never seen that part of my house in all the years I’ve lived here.

-Deb V.  from Roseville


I just loved the little tip Ruby gave me for “keeping the memory” without keeping the clutter.  Now I have pictures of my grandmother’s rocking chair, the puzzle globe made by my son at least 10 years ago and a beer stein given to me by a friend – but they are no longer taking up space in my home just because of what they represented to me.

-D. Desmond from Rancho Cordova


Who knew I had such a great room under all that stuff?

-Sabrina from Roseville


I’m making my bed again for the first time in years.  It feels wonderful to walk into my bedroom and feel restful there.

-Deb S. from Lodi


Ruby, at Places for Everything, was exactly who I needed to declutter and organize my home office and guest room.  Both rooms had been such a mess for so long, that I had completely given up on them. I called Ruby for help and when she arrived she took one look and without hesitation jumped right in and took care of everything. Ruby has a keen eye, an abundance of patience and the ability to see what needs to be done and gets right to it.

I’m so excited to finally have an organized and functioning office as well as a warm and inviting guest room. My husband is excited, too! I highly recommend Ruby and Places for Everything for all your organizing and decorating needs. Thank you Ruby

-Ronna from Citrus Heights


The room I use as an office at home had become a dumping ground for pretty much everything. I had only made half-hearted attempts to get it cleaned out and organized. When I looked in the room, I would just close the door. I finally realized I would never tackle the job on my own and called Ruby at Places for Everything.

Ruby knew exactly how to tackle the job to get the room cleaned out and organized. Her advice and tips proved invaluable. Instead of being a chore, it ended up being fun getting organized and making decisions about what I wanted or needed. Ruby knew just the right questions to ask to facilitate the process. I could have never and would have never done it without her!

I have been using my new office for a few weeks and it is beautiful, functional and I love being so organized and on top of things. It was worth the money I spent and it actually saved me money in the long run. I cancelled things I had been paying for monthly, that I had never gotten around to cancelling, after putting those items in an action pile that Ruby suggested. I even found gift cards that I had forgotten about!

I loved what Ruby did so much that I had her come back and she organized and beautified the guest/toy room my grandchildren use and they love it! I was surprised to see that now when they visit they clean up and put everything back in its place. Thank you Ruby, for everything!

-Vicki from Rancho Cordova


A weight has been lifted”.  That is the best way to describe my experience and the outcome. My reading room was something I had envisioned before I even moved into my condo. But two years later, it was still a mess and it was the first thing I saw when I walked into my home and the last thing I saw when leaving.

I didn’t realize how much it bothered me until Ruby converted my room into what I had always dreamed it would be.  Once it was cleaned and organized, I was instantly relaxed, happy, satisfied and had such a great sense if accomplishment.  I love my new room. Thank you, Ruby.

-Karen from Citrus Heights


My home office was a dumping spot for our home: baskets full of unsorted mail, that either needed shredding or filing; and old parts of electronics, cords and miscellaneous stuff with no real purpose. Much of the backup was due to an unorganized and outdated filing system and indecision.

We became overwhelmed and sought help from Ruby, who was just starting her business: Places for Everything. A few years back I saw how beautifully organized her home files were and I wanted her to help me do that, too. She had 4 hours to do this in and got it all done!!

I am so pleased that I keep opening the file cabinets to look several times a day!! I love it, Ruby!! Thank you for the coaching and wisdom to help me decide what I did and didn’t need to keep a paper trail of. God bless your new business, Places for Everything!

– Laura from Elk Grove


I would highly recommend Places for Everything for assisting in organizing your home. They helped me organize a spare room in my home that was full of clutter. It had been used to store items for a couple of years that I did not know what to do with and had gotten out of hand.

I called Places for Everything to help and Ruby came the next day. She was extremely efficient, on task and got the job done within a matter of a couple of hours. Without her help, I’m sure it would have taken me days to accomplish.

If you need help organizing a cluttered space, give Places for Everything a call. You’ll get dependable results quickly and you won’t be disappointed.

– Sandra from Sacramento