Places for Everything can assist in the following areas:

  • Discuss solutions to your issues
  • Declutter any area in your home
  • Create more time and space for you
  • Help you decide what to donate or toss
  • Shop for organizing tools
  • Create systems for daily/weekly/monthly tasks


Do I need to clean up before you arrive?
No, part of my problem solving includes seeing the current issues.

Do I need to know which area to start with?
No, you don’t. Most people have a clear idea of what area they would like to work on first or only have one area. If you don’t, I can assist you determine the most effective area to begin the change to organization. I can ask you a few questions to decide where we can start.

Do I need to be involved?
Yes, you need to make decisions along the way, but don’t worry because I ask easy questions to help you make those decisions. I also provide suggestions along the way.

Will I get follow up assistance?
I answer questions via email for a time after I’ve finished a project. I also offer maintenance packages, which we can discuss at our conclusion consultation.

I’m ready to help you create your ideal home. Are you ready to start? Yes